KOCCA X 고즈넉이엔티 2022 신진스토리 장르소설 작가 공모전


미국이 주목한 장르문학! K-Story & Comics in America 참가


수교 30주년 기념, 찾아가는 하노이 도서전 참가


[신간 소개] 가슴에 박혀드는 장르소설 꾸러미 <이달의 장르소설4> 출간


중국과 만나다! K-Story & Comics in China 참가


화제의 영어덜트 소설, <말괄량이 사이코패스> 리커버북 출간


사극 로맨스 <왕의 무사 귀인별>, 국제 IP 행사 BCWW 참가


Stories Beyond Your ImaginationGOZKNOCK ENTERTAINMENT

Gozknock Entertainment is a diverse company that publishes more
genres than any other novel publishers in Korea.
From thriller and sci-fi to romance, non-fiction, drama, and even
web-novels, experts of various genres are publishing their stories
through Gozknock Entertainment.
Every year Gozknock Entertainment novels are adapted into
movies, TV series, musicals, or web-comics.
The intellectual properties of Gozknock Entertainment enjoy
special recognition within the film & broadcasting industry.
Gozknock Entertainment’s business model is divided into three
sections: publishing and serial uploading, secondary copyright
contracts, and education for authors.
Above all else, we are
creating a professional original story for a video IP development
and it is our mission to provide excellent content and
educate new talent.
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